ELISION Ensemble: strange forces

ELISION Ensemble: strange forces

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Because of their age and their cultural ubiquity, brass instruments, more than most members of the Western orchestra, carry a host of cultural associations: angelic trumpets, royal fanfares, hunting calls, Last Posts and Louis Armstrong. No composer can be insensitive of that back story, yet it need not impose sterility of conservatism… Hübler opened up numerous possibilities in the controlled, structured parametrisation of instrumental practice.  This disc records a recent period of attention to virtuoso brass music, to which Cercar is an ancestor.

ELISION Ensemble
Tristram Williams trumpets, quarter-tone flugelhorn, piccolo trumpet
Benjamin Marks trombone, alto trombone
Richard Haynes bass clarinet



‘An excellent start to the HCR CD Project’ Classical CD Review


Wild Winged One, Aurora, Cercar and Apostrophe 2 (pressing down on my sternum) were recorded at Sendesaal Radio Bremen, Germany on 3 September 2009 (Wild Winged One), 9 June 2010 (Aurora) and 4 September 2009 (Cercar and Apostrophe 2 (pressing down on my sternum)).

Because they mark the zone where the force is in the process of striking (or, Second Study for Figures at the Base of a Crucifixion) and What then renders these forces visible is a strange smile (or, First Study for Figures at the Base of a Crucifixion) were recorded at St Paul’s Hall, Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival, on 26 November 2009.

Disfix was recorded at Hall Two, Kings Place London, on 8 February 2010.

Recording Engineers: GISELA KNIEMEYER (Tracks 1-4), AARON CASSIDY (Tracks 5-6) and BRUNO SILVA (Track 7)
Editing: CHRISTINE POTSCHKAT (Tracks 1-4)
Recording producers: RENATE WOLTER_SEEVERS (Tracks 1, 3 & 4), FABIAN FRANK (Track 2), AARON CASSIDY (Tracks 5 & 6) and BRUNO SILVA (Track 7)

(P) 2010 University of Huddersfield
© 2010 University of Huddersfield

Catalogue number: HCR03CD