Juliet Fraser: spilled out from tangles

Juliet Fraser: spilled out from tangles

Huddersfield Contemporary Records
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spilled out from tangles invites the listener into an intimate space, to take a seat beside the singer, and to pause; to visit four delicate sound worlds, each of which explores in its own way the intimacy and physicality of the human voice. These four pieces were written for Juliet Fraser over the past three years. As a collection, they represent a partial survey of the solo repertoire for voice and tape/electronics she has been building in recent years, but also of a generation's compositional approach to the voice. Displaying an understated lyricism, these composers' approaches show the breadth of creative possibility for crafting a sonic environment for the voice to inhabit.

Juliet Fraser soprano

Lisa Illean A Through-Grown Earth
Sivan Eldar Heave
Nomi Epstein Collections for Juliet
Lawrence Dunn While we are both



'as tones merge and diverge in slow sweeps, beating frequencies and modulations arise in ways that augment the voice into something more than human.' Boring Like A Drill


All works were recorded between 23-24 November 2019 and 19 January 2020 at City University of London.

Recording Producer & Editing: MARK KNOOP 
Recording Engineer & Mastering: NEWTON ARMSTRONG 

(P) 2020 University of Huddersfield
© 2020 University of Huddersfield

Catalogue number: HCR23CD
Release Date: 24 April 2020