New Music Collections - Piano

New Music Collections - Piano

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NMC explores the rich offerings of its back catalogue in a new mid-price series called New Music Collections: each album introduces different areas of contemporary classical music, with the first four volumes focusing on music written for choir, orchestra, piano and electronics.



'There is clearly no lack of variety and vitality in current strivings to keep composing for piano alive and new' Bayan Northcott

'Outstanding. This is a very superior sampler ... a survey as representative as it is kaleidoscopic' The Sunday Times

'A fascinating survey of contemporary [...] piano works, played by expert interpreters.' BBC Music Magazine 

‘[…] there was something revelatory about the experience of listening to the 207+ minutes of music contained in these albums. Taken as a whole, they testify to the remarkable breadth of NMC’s output in its 25-year existence, and individually, they illustrate something of the impressive variety to be found in music by British composers. […] any label whose catalogue includes such diverse figures as Giles Swayne, Michael Finnissy, Christopher Fox, Harrison Birtwistle, Donnacha Dennehy, Roger Smalley, Claudia Molitor, Richard Causton, Hugh Watkins, Richard Rodney Bennett, Simon Holt, Tansy Davies and James Dillon surely has a great deal to boast about. […] what these four albums do best is act as portals, points of departure from which one can take a huge number of entirely different trajectories.’ 5:4


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Catalogue number: NMC D207
Release Date: 31 March 2014