EXAUDI: Exposure

EXAUDI: Exposure

Huddersfield Contemporary Records
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There is no more revealing a medium in music than the human voice. Coming from deep inside the body, carried on the breath, acquiring resonance in the head, shaped and channelled through the same mouth and lips through which we speak and with which we kiss – this sound, not filtered through wood, metal or gut, cannot be separated from the human being that made it. By the time it leaves the body, it is intrinsically, inextricably personal.

EXAUDI Vocal Ensemble


‘It is by far the most radical disc of vocal music I’ve encountered in a long time, an exploration that takes real risks both in terms of choice of repertoire as well as the pressures brought to bear on the singers themselves.’ 5against4 (Full review here)

'listening to these albums in sequence – […] – one thing becomes clear: nothing here has anything to do with generic mainstream new music'  The Wire

'The spirit may be experimental but the execution is polished, confident, persuading you that the performers really believe in their often provocative materials.' Gramophone


All the pieces were recorded at Tonbridge Scholl Chapel on 13 & 20-21 August 2012.

Recording Engineer: ANDREW POST, Vif Records
Recording Producer: AARON CASSIDY
Editing: ANDREW POST (Tracks 2-9, 13-14) & AARON CASSIDY (Tracks 1, 10-12) 

 (P) 2013 University of Huddersfield
© 2013 University of Huddersfield

Catalogue number: HCR06CD