New Stock: NMC Sampler No.5

New Stock: NMC Sampler No.5

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Release Date: 1 March 2004

New Stock includes the complete printed catalogue (up to date at the time of original release) for all NMC titles alongside an enhanced CD which contains tracks from: 

  1. Oliver Knussen: Variations on Sumer is icumen in Theme (NMC D062) 
  2. Elisabeth Lutyens: The Skull: Opening Titles (NMC D073)
  3. Judith Weir: Piano Concerto – excerpt (NMC D090)                               
  4. Alexander Goehr: Sing, Arielexcerpt (NMC D096)                               
  5. John Woolrich: The Barber's Timepiece opening (NMC D071)
  6. Thea Musgrave: Memento Vitae – excerpt (NMC D074)
  7. Hugh Wood: Violin Concerto – opening (NMC D082)                              
  8. John Buller: Proença – opening (NMC D081)                              
  9. Julia Simpson: a beast of burden (NMC D076)                               
  10. Christopher Fox: Generic Composition #5 – excerpt (NMC D079) 
  11. Colin Matthews: Cello Concertoopening (NMC D101) 
  12. David Sawer: Riddle (NMC D080)              
  13. John Casken: Darting the Skiffopening (NMC D086)                     
  14. Lyell Cresswell: Atta excerpt (NMC D077)                     
  15. Robert Saxton: I Will Awake the Dawn, 3rd movement (NMC D102) 
  16. Vic Hoyland: Vixenexcerpt (NMC D072)                                         
  17. Gerald Barry: Snow is white (NMC D075)
  18. Robin Holloway: Violin Concertoexcerpt (NMC D097)
  19. Joe Cutler: Jiggadybox (NMC D080) 
  20. Simon Holt: Boots of Lead (NMC D094) 
  21. Tansy Davies: Patterningexcerpt (NMC D076) 
  22. David Matthews: Cantiga excerpt (NMC D084) 
  23. Lawrence Crane: Sparling (NMC D092)
  24. Benedict Mason: Lighthouses of England & Wales – 
  25. Nigel Osborne: The Sickle – excerpt (NMC D087) 
  26. Brian Ferneyhough: Lemma-Icon-Epigram (NMC D066)
  27. Jo Thomas: Wolfie (NMC D078)                
  28. Harrison Birtwistle: Gawain’s Journey – excerpt (NMC D088)                         
  29. Howard Skempton: Lento – excerpt (NMC D005)   



DAVID LEFEBER (Metier Sound & Vision) Edited 


Release Date: 1 March 2004
Cat No.: NMC D100