Lau: The Bell that Never Rang [Live]

Lau: The Bell that Never Rang [Live]

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Although the two groups come from very different musical worlds, Lau and the Elysian Quartet have common ground in their love for exploration and experimentation.  This piece is a celebration of Glasgow; the title refers to the verse attached to Glasgow’s coat of arms and relates to the deeds of St Mungo.

‘We are delighted to get the chance to make this music. We felt we have found kindred spirits in the Elysian Quartet, another band with a lust to create new sounds. As composers, this is one of the most exciting musical opportunities we could hope for, we can't wait to get writing.’ Lau

‘Lau are flying a flag for modern Scottish music at present, and we wanted to team them up with a modern classical group on a similar footing. The Elysian Quartet were a perfect fit for this, open-minded and well versed in collaboration. We feel sure this meeting will result in a genuinely unique piece of new music.’ Celtic Connections Festival


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Celtic Connections Festival

The Bell that Never Rang was commissioned by Celtic Connections Festival.



Elysian String Quartet