Gerald Barry: Gerald Barry

Gerald Barry: Gerald Barry

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Release Date: 1 August 1994

Barry's work draws inspiration from the clarity and vigour of Baroque music and the immediacy of contemporary visual and dramatic arts; it is compulsive and breathtakingly virtuosic, and has been described as sounding 'like a barn dance devised by a chaos theorist' (Tempo on Wiener Blut). This album, opening with the rumbustious Piano Quartet, also includes some of Barry's piano works, notably Swinging Tripes and Trillibubkins (the title of which is taken from his opera The Intelligence Park).

Noriko Kawai piano
Nua Nos
Dairine Ni Mheadhra conductor



'This is the most exciting, most sheerly intense new music to have come my way for a long, long time.' Classic CD Award Nomination 1996

'Makes me wanna spy on a suspicious person on a street at dark. Suspense gradually builds up. The climax is that the person realises I am following and we have a confrontation!' Satomi, Deerhoof


Engineers: Jennifer Lewis, Antonio Oliart, Stephanie Rogers
Producers: Hannah Taylor, Helen Thomas 
Editing & mastering: Marian Freeman

Catalogue number: NMC D022
Release Date: 1 August 1994